Washing Away the "Bad Hair Day" with

Silicone Solutions

Client: Dow Home & Personal Care

Abstract: Hair is exposed to many damaging processes, including: repeated washing, combing and heat styling; bleaching and coloring; air pollution and the sun’s UV rays. These factors can lead to hair that is: more difficult to manage and comb; susceptible to breaking easily; dull and rough in appearance; more water

absorbent and porous; and more prone to color fading. Consumers are increasingly demanding product solutions that provide long-lasting protection from hair damage. To determine how silicone solutions can help formulators and brand owners meet this growing demand, Dow recently conducted a variety of tests to measure the ability of silicones to durably restore hair’s hydrophobic state and protect against breakage.


Results: The article was published in the January 2018 issue of SOFW Journal's Global Ingredients & Formulations Guide. It was also translated and published in German.