Course: Media Planning

Teammates: Rhett Ahlander, Arquillia Burks, Andrew Keller, Rachel Kesseler


The Challenge: We were presented with both competitor and audience data to analyze and target new opportunities for Airbnb to grow its business.

The Insight: While Airbnb is more popular among younger generations, we found adults with college and post graduate education are 93 percent more likely and 109 percent more likely to use Airbnb, respectively. This translates to a strong favorability among those working in corporate America.


The Results: This media plan describes how Airbnb will move its positioning in the marketplace from the weekend-getaway platform of younger generations, to a reliable travel partner for the serious business-savvy professional. This new positioning will launch Airbnb into the corporate hospitality sector and ultimately redefine the experiences of the corporate traveler.

Airb2b for Airbnb: A Media Plan